It’s a PAIN that these books are so short.

I joke about the title because Scumble River is a great escape, and every trip there is bittersweet because the book has to end.

In her eleventh full-length novel, Denise Swanson once again breathes life into our favorite school psychologist (and sleuth) Skye Dennison.
When murder hits a prominent afterschool and prom committee member, Skye tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. However, the road isn’t easy for the Scumble River girl as beau (and Sherrif) Wally leaves the town for a family crisis, her brother and best friend are having some relationship problems and the new school social worker who is everyone’s dream, turns into Skye’s nightmare.
Then there’s the threats, the warnings and the clues, which cause Skye to question whether or not she was the intended target of the murderer.
Reading Denise Swanson is like going home. Scumble River is any(small)town, USA (think of it as the everyman for small towns) and Swanson continues to write her ensemble cast of characters in a consistant and believeable way.
When is the next one coming out?