I’ve been a member of many clubs in my 30 years on this planet. First, there were things like The Girl Scouts and the Bluebirds. Next came service organizations like the Mentoring project, Ohio Read and Alpha Lambda Delta,. As a true adult, I can count on my membership in the Rubber City Book Posse, Stitch and Brunch, NaNoWriMo and even the Brown Coats.

Yes, to a certain extent, I’m a joiner. As much as I love reveling in the quiet at home, and even being in my head for days on end, I should not be much of a hermit. If I have a reason I’ll leave the house, in other words (those of you who know me can agree or disagree as much as you like). And, to a certain extent, when I can take joy in something from the comfort of my home, all the sweeter.

This is especially true when it’s something that has the potential to fulfill me. Welcome ‘The Brave Girls Club’ to the table. The Brave Girls Club is a series of Art and Life retreats. They have a daily newsletter set to inspire. So every day I get an email about something fantastic. Yeah, sure, I realize that the prompts might be a little vague or that they might be a little impersonal, but even when I don’t find one that I relate to, I can send it onto a friend whose down in the dumps–and then they get their spark back and it’s a lovely thing. Here’s a bit from today’s email:

‘Choosing to have hope in situations that others see as hopeless is one of the bravest acts possible in your lifetime…and you do it so well.

You are heroic. Keep the faith and keep your eye on truth and beauty.’

Sometimes I feel like I’m being Pollyanna when I see the good in things, sometimes I worry that I’m annoying people with it. But honestly, being able to see hope is a true blessing. And I will embrace that. Of course, I posted this in the hopes that I would remember writing this entry and take the message better to my heart.

Okay, so if you want to be inspired, or you might know someone that you think needs a little inspiration, check out The Brave Girls Club. If you know a woman in need of some time, and possibly some creative outlet, check out the retreat section of the site (guests are told to bring some clothes, some basic art supplies and a toothbrush–how awesome is that?). Or, just check out the site and sign up for their newsletter–and be inspired or inspire others every day.