I’m participating in something kinda big, but totally beneficial. It’s this:

The challenge is simple—read books that you’ve been meaning to read. You know, the huge stacks you have all over the place. I’ve already been doing this, as I’m going to be giving a lot of my bookcrossing books away to my dear friends, but I wanted to actually get something written down and give myself some ownership of this task.

I’ve read a bunch in the last few days, and I’ll post that list here, but I’m going to reset the clock and start with books I’ve finished today.

Please don’t judge, LOL. Keep in mind that one of my best friends is a fellow geek, and he and I are a little star trek/ star wars nerdy, so some of these books I have to read so I can pass them onto him (his wife will LOVE that, LOL)…

Books Read in Huge TBR Readathon (started 10 June)—GOAL is 25 Books

**Note, books must be over the 150 page mark to be counted.**

Star Trek Destiny III: Lost Souls by David Mack
Star Trek Voyager: Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer

Star Trek Titan #1 Taking Wing by Michael A Martin

So, is anyone else brave enough to try this out? Click on the picture above, of that huge stack of books, for the link. And good luck!