Winter's Passage

I recently had the opportunity to read Winter’s Passage, a novella from The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. Published by Harlequin Teen, it was published on June 1, 2010.

Meghan Chase appeared to be a normal teen, until her sixteenth birthday when she found out her father was King Oberon. Now, Meghan must live unprotected, and follow the rules of an unfamiliar (and magical) world.

Half-fey Meghan Chase journeys into the depths of the Winter Court in Winter’s Passage, a digital novella by Julie Kagawa.

At Meghan’s side is Ash, himself a Winter Court prince. The two navigate through the cold, icy depths on their journey to meet Queen Mab, the ruler of the Winter Court (and Ash’s mother).

Something is following them along their journey. It is old, powerful and dark. It is something to be feared, and it has been sent by someone to do harm to the young royals.

Though personally unfamiliar with the series, Winter’s Passage provides to be an enjoyable taste of the Iron Fey series for young adults, prompting readers to check out more of the series. Available online through Julie’s author site, it serves as a bridge between the first in the series, The Iron King, and the second The Iron Daughter. Fans of fantasy, science fiction and paranormal novels will enjoy the idea, but most anyone can appreciate Kagawa’s descriptive style and pace.