Stella and Peck are half sisters. Though they have the same father, they were raised by their respective mothers half a world away from one another. However, they have summers with Aunt Lydia in the Hamptons to keep them close.

Eclectic, to say the least, Aunt Lydia lives for F. Scott Fitzgerald, in particular his book The Great Gatsby. And it is her dying wish that the two sisters spend a summer in her Hamptons home to find something of value there. The women recall their summers, and their reading material, as they search for the valuable item.

Parties, men, friends…the sisters share it all. And when a painting which may or may not be painted by Jackson Pollock goes missing, all evidence leads to a ghost–especially when the women uncover the secrets in Lydia’s safe. But things aren’t what they seem to be and these distant sisters become even closer than they ever thought possible.

I discovered Gatsbyand all things Fitzgerald a year ago…during the summer, so it’s nice that I cap the year of Fitzgerald with a book combining the magic of the American F. Scott with some chick lit.

This novel is light, but most definitely enjoyable. It is a descriptively satisfying read that will have most people reading with bated breath to find out what happens next–and it’ll definitely make you want to read Gatsby again.


I received this book via ebook format from my Library’s Overdrive program.