Ashley Hannigan is a self-confessed ‘normal.’ With no college plans, average grades and a whole lotta detentions, Ashley has just one goal–make it through the year so she can move in with her boyfriend TJ. She’s not into after school activities like most of her other classmates in the outskirts of Philadelphia PA public school she attends, and she’s DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO PROM!!!

When the faculty advisor is escorted out of math class for misappropriating math funds, Ashley goes to comfort her best friend Natalia, who just so happens to be her neighbor AND the head of the Prom committee. Soon, Ashley goes from helping her friend to PLANNING THE PROM!

With a colorful cast of believeable characters, Laurie Halse Anderson proves she’s the reigning queen of YA/Teen novels. Anderson’s Prom will make you laugh and possibly even cry.

Oddly enough, Anderson and I did not go to our proms. However, this story, while far from perfect,, had the realism of a day-to-day life as a teenager. This book made me think that the prom might have been fun and memorable–but I’m okay for having lived vicariously through Anderson’s character’s Prom.

4.5/5. I borrowed this book from the local library.