15 year old Sara Wilcox spends the summer in Persia with her father. A week into their stay at the hotel, she’s stircrazy. So when a delivery boy named Amesh Demir drops a mysterious package off for her father, she snaps up to opportunity to head to her father’s work site, with Amesh in tow.

At the job site, Sara finds a rug buried in the sand. She enlists Amesh to help her clean it up and smuggle it back to her hotel room. Soon, the carpet is moving on it’s own and the two teens swear to keep the secret of the rug.

The carpet takes them to an uncharted island, and begins communicating with Sara, creating a rift among the two teens. And Sara finds herself alone on the island and uncovering more and more secrets about the rug and the world it was created to protect.

Christopher Pike’s The Secret of Ka is proof of Pike’s skill as a storyteller. Featuring his signature style and appealing characters, it is a book that both old and new Pike fans can enjoy.

I received an electronic copy of the ARC in exchange for a review. You can find The Secret of Ka by Christopher Pike in stores around September 13, 2010.

3.5/5 stars.