Jane Roberts and her best friend, Scarlett, move to Los Angeles after high school graduation. Jane has a high profile intership and brain Scarlett is going to college. The girls cannot afford a fancy apartment, but they are happy.

Then, a chance meeting with a Hollywood producer scores them the unique opportunity to star in a new reality show. Suddenly, the friends have a new, hot apartent and two new friends who share the show with them.

But it isn’t until nice girl Jane breaks out as the star of the show that Jane realizes all that glitters is not gold.

I’m normally all over celebrity autobiographies and memoirs and fiction. L.A. Candy was, at best, insulting to its reader and migraine-inducing.

The only thing vaguely interesting about this novel was trying to figure out who the novel counterparts were on the show ‘The Hills’. Once I saw an episode of that show, it was easy to figure out whom was whom. I did some research and found out this is part one of a planned three book contract. Let’s hope that L.C. (or her ghost writer) gets some original content and maybe takes a class in advanced sentence structure.

.5/5–thank goodness this was a library book.