Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum is back! This time, she is enlisted by the Vincent Plum Bail Bond’s office manager, Connie, to find Vincent Plum, the very man who has employed Stephanie for so long.

Cousin Vinny owes money to the wrong people. And so, Stephanie must use her trademark style and detection skills to find Vinnie and keep her safe, and her trusty sidekick Lula is sure to lend a hand as well.

Fans of the series will enjoy Stephanie’s run in with other bounties, stink bombs, exploding cars and Grandma Mazur.

I was excited to buy this on my Nook, it’s a series that I enjoy revisiting every summer. I snagged it for $9.99, which was awesome. However, I was a little disappointed with Steph’s interactions with Ranger and Morelli. I want Steph to go ahead and choose just one of the men, already. I was also a little disheartened to read the casting news for the movie based on the first of this series ‘One for the Money’–I do not see Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum.

3.5/5– Great series, but it may be time for me to say goodbye to the series.