Anthony Bourdain has become a household name through his various non-fiction, fiction and television pursuits. Bourdain’s newest, Medium Raw, is a stunning, honest memoir.

Bourdain uses this new book to speak about a lot of his beliefs. Much of the uneven flame from Kitchen Confidential has now steadied as it should. Bourdain is at a different place in his life–as he is quick to point out–no longer behind the grills. He has a wife, as well as a child now.

But that is not to say Bourdain has given up on fighting things he is passionately against. From McDonalds to celebrity chefs and even the organic food movement, Bourdain shows readers that while he’s matured, he is far from dead…or an addict. Some would argue that his fire is gone, leaving him a shell, but I do NOT agree.

I got this from the library’s Overdrive ebook program. I wasn’t really certain as to what to expect, but I suspect my proclivities toward Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ lately fueled it. Bourdain has appeared on the show as a judge. And, he name drops some impressive names within the industry, but instead of coming off as pretentious, it comes off as knowledgeable and sensible. You want to slap the offenders on his behalf.