Zombies are big lately, and the outpouring of zombie literature can be somwhat frustrating–it’s hard to tell if it’s a good piece of original fiction or something we’ve already heard.

Enter Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament. No, it’s not based on a classic novel. No, it’s not a novelization of an upcoming movie–it’s a sort of newish story about a sort of newish zombie named Andy.

Andy is an adult man living in his parent’s basement. Like many of his contemporaries, he likes wine and attends group support sessions with some like-minded people (of course, the sessions are with other zombies).

Things change once Andy falls in love with Rita, another zombie from his group. Andy begins to question the established rules and laws governing zombies. He starts to protest, organizing his decomposing brethren…and begins to live more and more like a living and breathing…well, breather.

I liked this book, even though I felt like it could have been better. It’s definitely a new take on the zombie culture–I had no idea what to expect from a zombie’s point of view, as a love story, none the less.

I received this book from bookcrossing and went ahead and passed it on!