Moving from New Orleans to a small mountain community in Colorado, the hunt for the man once known as Viktor Frankenstein continues. Though, in the previous novel he died, the scheming, brilliant genius is back…and his plan to take over the human race is in full swing.

This time, two detectives, an elderly man, a child and three of Viktor’s own creations are  preparing for a final and DEADLY confrontation to take him down for good.

To be honest, I was unhappy when I heard there was ANOTHER in this series. I had waited over three years from the second book to the third and had no idea that a fourth book (which would turn out to be Lost Souls) was needed until I was nearly finished with the third one.

The ending of this is so abrupt, I’m certain there will be a fifth book in another year. I’l begrudgingly read it. And though I may deny that I like it, I will probably enjoy the story. I liked this one more than I like to admit, and it was a great metro read (yes, I read my Nook on the metro to Los Angeles). I cared about the characters for the first time in a while, which was really exciting to me.