Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter. And he’s been enlisted to find a group of unregistered, high-tech androids in futuristic (21st century) San Francisco. In this future, Androids are used in the martian colonies, but many try to escape to a better life on Earth.

His home life is bleak, he spends his days flipping through Sidney’s Animal and Fowl Catalogue–hoping for the day when he has enough money to replace his mechanical sheep for something living.

Philip K. Dick does a wonderful job creating an environment rich with imagery. It’s not hard to see why this 1968 novel was turned into Blade Runner in 1982. I’d always put off reading this novel, but the style of it was so good, that I really don’t know why I put it off.

I received this novel via Bookcrossing and intend to release it somewhere appropriate.