Carl Hiaasen takes us back to the weird and wacky world of South Florida in his newest novel, Star Island.

The story centers on pop tartlette Cherry Pye (formerly known as Cheryl Bunterman), a start in the tradition of all other pop sensations known more for their bad behavior than any type of talent. Because of Cherry’s proclivity to excess and passing out, a secret double is hired by her family and management–without Cherry’s knowledge.

Ann is a normal enough girl–for an actress. While she’s not a huge fan of the pop star, she is collecting her much appreciated and steady paychecks to add to her savings.

Fans of Hiaasen will know there is more than meets the eye–soon a simple enough story takes a turn for the weird, and the strange, zany characters come out of the woodwork, or rather, the everglades. Hiaasen’s deeper message of preservation shines, much like the smile of one Clinton Tyree (who happens to be my FAVORITE Hiaasen character).

I love Hiaasen’s work, and Star Island is no exception. Character development and pacing are his strengths.

I purchased this book in ebook format to read on my Nook ereader.