One might think that the title of The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance as the most descriptive and possibly boring book title on the planet. You would be wrong, as I found out by reading this gem.

While I am not Mormon, I have seen much of what I know about the faith through tv, reality tv and literature. After reading Elna Baker’s memoir, I realize that the faith is more than just polygamy and the women are exciting and real!

Yes, Elna is Mormon. She chooses to remain a virgin until marriage. She doesn’t drink or smoke. These may sound like obvious choices, and something she probably doesn’t have to struggle with ‘out on the farm,’ however Elna has chosen to live in New York City. Refreshingly enough, Elna is smart, funny and while she struggles on occasion, Elna is and surprisingly true to her beliefs.

I think that is the best lesson to take from this novel, the fact that you can be true to what you believe in, without having to give up to fit into modern day society, or at least try your best.


The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance by Elna Baker
288 pages Dutton Adult
Hardcover October 2009 Retail: $25.95