When an International flight lands at JFK, then appears to shut down on the tarmac, an employee is called to the scene. Soon, others are called to the plan as  the dead crew and passengers, save for four barely alive survivors are found. The CDC is called in, with Doctor Ephraim Goodweather taking point.

What Eph eventually discovers chills him to the bone–it’s a virus–a VAMPIRE virus!

One of seven ancient vampires has gone rogue, and an elderly pawnbroker by the name of Setrakian helps Eph on his journey to finding out more about the creatures and how to defeat them–Setrakian knows, firsthand, the dangers because he met the rogue vampire decades before.

As Eph and Setrakian try and save the world, they are foiled by the quick conversion of vampires–and soon more vampires are in New York City than their human prey. But the vampires will not stop at NYC–they want the world!

The fast pace of the beginning of this book kept up throughout the novel. Del Toro and Hogan do not disappoint. I devoured this book, and I cannot wait to read the next one.

This copy was checked out of my local library. Once I started it, it was a very quick read!

The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
416 pages; William Morrow
Hardcover: June 2009 Retail:$26.99