In the beginning of this book, Jessica Fletcher visits Los Vegas with a few friends from Cabot Cove to see another Cabot Cove resident, Martha, marry a rich and mysterious man. Two years later, Jessica returns to Las Vegaa, this time to support Martha while she’s on trial for murdering her husband.

Jessica begins to investigate the case, as she is quite the sleuth. Weaving her way around Las Vegas in a series of taxis, chauffeurs and the like , Jessica uncovers more and more secrets before being invited to help her friend via a place on the defense team.

As always, I enjoy the series. The stories are quick and fulfilling, the length is almost like a tv show–or a 2 hour movie. Jessica Fletcher is flawless, and most definitely America’s Favorite Sleuth/award winning mystery writer. Donald Bain has captured her really well.

Murder She Wrote: You Bet Your Life by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
252 pages, Signet books
Paperback October 2002; Retail $6.99