Celia, Sally, April and Bree share a bond stronger than most. After sharing teh area of their dorm at Smith during their freshman year, the girls make their way through life–strengthened through their bond, despite their differences.

Sally marries Mr. Perfect, inviting the girls to be bridesmaids at her wedding, and the girls come to support her. Celia is a single writer in New York. April is a traveling assistant to a radical documentary filmmaker and Bree is a successful lawyer in San Francisco.

When April disappears during the filming of a very volatile documentary and is feared dead, the women fear the worst. The three women come together and search for their friend. Memories of their shared past and separate lives overwhelm them.

J. Courtney Sullivan moves her characters from age and setting to age and setting easily. The story is riveting and keeps readers wondering what will happen throughout the story.

I picked up this book at my library and would recommend it to anyone looking for a book celebrating female friendships.

Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan
336 pages; Vintage
Hardcover: Knopf Retail: $24.95