Readers breathed a sigh of relief when Carolyn Jessop left her husband and the cult-ish atmosphere when she left the fundamentalist Mormon group she grew up in with her children in her first memoir Escape, but what happened after she left everything she knew? Anyone who has wondered this is in luck, Jessop talks about her life after the cult in Triumph: Life After the Cult–A Survivor’s Lessons.
She knew once she left, life would not be easy, but at the same time she has lived through abuse and hunger during her marriage. Jessop also realized that life would be hard for her children, and she made sure that the children received attention of the emotional and physical kind. She struggles with her daughter, Betty, and Betty’s need to go back to the cult (even leaving her mother to go back).
And then there is the federal raid, Jessop is called by the government to help determine what motivates the cult members, what federal agents can expect with the families and the types of services the children will need once they are rescued.
Somehow, despite her personal struggles, Carolyn Jessop manages to help the government and retain her sanity. She also finds the love of a man and happiness with her children outside of the cult.
I really liked reading the first book, but this was a great book to read psychologically. It was great to see that Jessop was still able to survive and thrive!
I got this book from the library.

Triumph: Life After the Cult–A Survivor’s Lessons by Carolyn Jessop
288 pages; Crown Archetype
Hardcover: May 2010 Retail: $25.99