The 19th book in the popular Murder She Wrote novel series, Murder She Wrote: Majoring in Murder takes our favorite sleuth Jessica Fletcher back to school.

After agreeing to teach a workshop on writing a mystery novel at Spellman College, Jessica settles into life on campus, but when a body is discovered in the wake of a campus destroying tornado, our favorite mystery writer/ amateur sleuth starts to investigate, partially to help the old friend she promised to help when coming to the college.

Upon investigation, Jessica finds out the deceased professor had secrets, a lot of secrets. When the local constabulary is unwilling to listen to her, Jessica has to use stealth to get the answers she seeks to solve the crime.

A Murder She Wrote novel is always a treat, and this one, while it was very easy for me to figure out, the university setting was realistic and fun to read. I got this book from the library.

Murder She Wrote: Majoring in Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
272 pages; Signet
Paperback: April 2003 Retail: $6.99