China Bayles takes on the holidays with an expanded family (with the addition of niece, Caitlyn) in the home she shares with her husband, McQuaid.

A visit from McQuaids ex-wife, Sally, brings all sorts of problems with it. Problems that, due to McQuaids out of state investigation, China will have to deal with on her own.

Sally, never been what you could call stable, is in Pecan Springs, and shows up at Thyme and Seasons, asking for McQuaids help. When she cannot speak with him, she turns to China. At one point, China wonders if its Sally that needs her help, or a possible multiple personality (which Sally has been known to have), but the herbalist takes pity on the woman, partially because its the holiday and possibly because Sally is able to break through to shy Caitlyn.

But, as China learns when dealing with Sally, things arent always as they seem, and as the trail of bodies begin to pile up behind her, China takes it upon herself to investigate.

I thought this addition to the series was great. It was a quick read and it was good to get back into the series for the holidays. As much as I love hearing from Chinas perspective, the chapters with McQuaids point of view were great, too!

I got this book from the library.

Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert
304 pages; Berkley Hardcover
Hardcover: April 2010 Retail: $24.95