Journalist Mikael Blomkvist decides to devote an issue of Milleniumto the Swedish sex trade after reading a disturbing report about the sex trade, specifically high-ranking men with a taste for young, underage girls.

In the last year, Lisbeth Salander has been gone. She travels all over the world under different names and moves money all around. When she finally returns home, she buys a new place while keeping her family apartment under her own name and lets a friend move into the older place.

Blomkvist runs into a problem when he tries researching someone by the name of Zala. Devoting time to the cause, he tries to enlist Salander into helping him with her particular set of skills. When Salander disappears, it is up to Blomkvist to save her, despite her being marked as an enemy of the state and being wanted for multiple murders.

I was taken to a very dark place psychologically than I thought was possible after reading the first one. It was FANTASTIC and very good to read, but it was something that made me step back from the series for a bit and focus on other, lighter books. But this was totally worth the time to read and I hope to read the third one soon.

The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson
630 pages; Vintage
Paperback: March 2010 Retail: $15.95