Welcome to December 2010. I’ll be challenging myself to post every day for NaBloPoMo.com, which is a really cool challenge site that challenges you to post every day for a whole month.

Today, my post is all about books. Did you have any reading goals this year? Did you meet them? What have you learned about setting your goals?

This year, I wanted to read more than 100 books, and I’ve met that goal with no problems, don’t have a concrete number for the year, but it’s been about 125 so far–go me! I like to think that this blog has been helpful, because the blog holds me accountable for reading, which I LOVE.

I’ve learned the value of a good plan for the blog. And of a good ereader, like my Nook. I’ve also learned to utilize my library and my bookshelves.

What about you? What has 2010 taught you, reading wise? Have you got any plans for 2011?