Ralph Truitt places an ad in a newspaper in the beginning of the twentieth century. When mysterious Catherine Land answers the ad, she steps off the train and onto the platform in the small Wisconsin town Truitt calls home. Truitt immediately realizes that the woman is not the one in the photograph he was sent. Calling her a liar, he storms her away from the train station and ends up in an accident.
After nursing him back to health and receiving his forgiveness, Catherine is accepted by Truitt and his household workers, but is still holding back–it isn’t until she goes on an adventure to find Truitt’s estranged son that more details about her past come to light.
Catherine has a dark past, even having a tie in with Ralph’s, unbeknownst to him (who also has a bit of a dark past). And what she starts doing, or rather, stops doing is shocking.
I started reading this for my Nook Owners book group. I was immediately drawn in by the mystery, and to be honest I had held off initially on reading it–but there was a lady who came into work and sang it’s praises. She was right–it was great!
As the story went on, I was drawn to Catherine, her past and the type of person she was.
I got this copy from the library, it was well worth it. I’ve also been recommending the book left and right to people. I recommend it to anyone looking for a literary read–and check out the author’s inspiration as well!

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
291 pages; Algonquin Books
Hardcover: March 2009 Retail: $23.95