Beecher White is a reliable, quiet man working at the National Archives. Contacted by a former childhood crush named Clementine, Beecher agrees to meet her and do some research for her. On the day of her visit, the safe and reliable life he knows is over– Beecher uncovers a secret men have died for!
While a lot of the action takes place in the National Archives, there is action in and around Washington D.C. It was interesting to read about the policies and procedures within the library…And I definitely liked reading that a librarian/historian is the main character.
I got a copy of this, in ebook format, from Net Galley, in exchange for a review. It will be released on January 11, 2011.
It’s obvious author Brad Meltzer knows his subject and does his research. I really liked the book and, at 457 pages, I never felt like the book dragged on–which is fantastic! I did feel like there was a major opening at the end for a continuation of the novel–a possible series.
<u>The Inner Circle</u> by Brad Meltzer

457 pages; Grand Central Publishing

Hardcover: Jan 2011 Retail: $26.99