Emily Prager’s Roger Fishbite is told through the eyes of nymphette Lucky Lady Linderhof. At the age of twelve, Lucky’s mom cleans up her alcohol habit, due to her boarder, whom Lucky calls Roger Fishbite.

As her mother begins to spend more time with the man, eventually marrying him, Lucky’s relationship with Roger descends closer and closer into a Lolita relationship.

Lucky knows what sex is through her various daytime talk show schedule, yet there is something very innocent and naive about her. I suspect the mother sees the look in the new husband’s eyes, as she sends Lucky away to a boarding school.

Shortly after her arrival, Roger shows up at the private school her mother sent her to, it isn’t until they are ensconced in a series of no-tell motels that Lucky is finally told the truth–her mother is dead. And it is then that her life changes.

Throughout the novel, Lucky is heard as a young, clear and ambitious character. She is honest to the reader, and a little naive in her youth.

This is a great debut from Emily Prager. I can’t wait to read more. I picked this up at the clearance section at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena.

Roger Fishbite by Emily Prager
228 pages; Vintage
Paperback: March 1999 Retail: 6.99 Pounds